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Raising Awareness & Training.

Raising awareness in schools
We often introduce domestic violence to children and young people in partnership with ‘bullying’ as an overall idea of what constitutes as healthy relationships and we include the gender difference.
Prior to the Naadv workers providing awareness training, evaluation questions are provided for teaching staff to use with the children to gauge the level of awareness/attitudes to domestic violence issues and its effects, this also helps to prepare the children for the discussions that will take place during the visit.

In addition to raising awareness of the issue of domestic violence with the children, it provides staff/educators who are in daily contact with children a clearer understanding of the effects on health and education. NAADV ensure that in addition to providing information packs to the staff/educators, we provide support and assistance if any of the children and their families require this.

NAADV provide talks and training to outside agencies, which includes both the voluntary and statutory sector. This training assists in identifying the signs of domestic violence and its effects on children. It also provides training on how to access relevant services and appropriate responses if somebody discloses that they are experiencing domestic violence.
Much of this training is provided free of charge, however it is sometimes necessary to charge a fee for administration and travel costs.
In addition to providing training to professionals, we train social work degree students. We currently have two qualified practice teachers that are part of the NAADV team.

Our Domestic Violence Awareness Training programme, which is aimed at both professionals and students is currently being accredited and this will be available by the Autumn.

If you would like to access any of our training or awareness programmes please contact the volunteer co-ordinator.




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