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The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix project aims to assist women who have come out of domestic violence, no longer live with the perpetrator, have children between 2-14yrs and live in The borough of Newham. They may want to go back into full-time or part-time work, full-time or part-time education, voluntary work, work experience or training.
The women meet at Macgregor Road 2 days a week for group discussions and individual one to one sessions. The women are asked to set themselves a realistic goal to work towards. I do a lot of task centred work with each individual and within the groups we work on CV Writing, Job Search Skills, Full-time/ Part-time work opportunities or Further Education, Benefits advice, Voluntary work, Confidence and Self-esteem building.

The work that is done with the children is achieved through working with the parent. Finding out how the children are getting on in school and at home, finding out if the parent needs any support with their children, in the form of homework clubs, after school facilities and access to computers plus finding out about different activities where mothers can take the children over the school holiday period to alleviate boredom for both mother and children

How the project has benefited women
The Phoenix project has so far benefited 30 families. The women have built up their confidence and self-esteem and a number of them have gone into further education, taken up training programmes or are now working as volunteers. The women have all commented on the changes that have occurred in their children's behavior in school as well as at home

Due to Government funding cuts the Phoenix project will close on 31st of March 2004. We are hoping that this is not the end of the project and that another funder will pick it up. The Project is extremely important to the work that we do as it is the ‘last piece in the jigsaw puzzle’ that enables these women to move on with their lives.



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