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What is counselling?
A co-operative process in which client and counsellor work together. It is important that your counsellor offers you the time, attention and respect necessary to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more resourcefully for your greater well being. Counselling is not about giving advice. Counselling aims to enhance or restore clients' own self-understanding, decision-making resources, risk taking and personal growth.
There is a firm agreement between counsellor and client to meet at agreed times. The counsellor will receive confidential supervision for her/ his counselling.

Counselling at NAADV
All NAADV counsellors put clients first and demonstrate respect and value to all our service users. All counsellors make it clear that each hourly session provides space and time for clients to talk confidentially about their problems. Our aim is to empower you to help you to move on with your life.
NAADV is a charity and is dependent on voluntary donations in order to offer our services to clients. If you can make a donation, however small, you will be helping us to survive.

NAADV Counsellors
All NAADV counsellors are volunteers. They come into NAADV principally to work with you. If you do not attend for your appointment or do not cancel in time your counsellor has made an unnecessary journey.














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