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The Chrysalis Project

The project main aim is to prevent children and young people aged 11-18 from perpetrating violence in the home. This is done through one to one counselling, group support, anger management, and group activities.The service is provided at NAADV’s offices and at local schools and colleges that have requested the service.

The preventative officer designs an individual programme for each client that is referred to the project, as each one comes with a different presenting problem even though they all come under the same domestic violence umbrella. In addition to working with the children and young people, the officer also works closely with the parents. In some cases the officer will refer the parent to one of the other services that NAADV can provide, as if a child/young person is seeking changes for his/her behaviour from a troubled home, if the parent is not receiving help with their own issues how will the family be able to support the child who is changing?

The project is closely monitored and requires a great deal of input, in the form of evaluation from parents and other professionals that have contact with the child to see whether the project is making a real difference.The difference so far has been quite significant for those children and young people that have accessed the service.
Learning new ways to talk, to respond rather than react, to communicate rather than aggravate, to smile rather than frown is of great help to the young clients we see.
NAADV help them to explore their inner feelings in a non-judgemental way, which gives them the opportunity to explore further and develop new skills to regain their confidence and self esteem.







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