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Child Support

Children and Young Peoples Art and Drama Therapeutic Groups.
The Child Support Co-ordinator, and child support team are able to see a large percentage of the children referred to NAADV for one to one services that are assessed as being ‘high risk’ within 4 weeks, however children assessed as medium to low risk have to be placed on the waiting list and may have to wait up to 4 months to be seen. In order to combat this problem an innovative solution was developed, namely The Art and Drama Groups, these groups ensure that children receive some form of service whilst they are waiting to be seen on a one to one basis. The groups are a positive outlet for the children, assists in raising their confidence and helps them to trust in their own abilities.

Within these therapeutic environments they begin to trust the adults that facilitate the groups, which in turn helps with our ongoing assessment of the children and we can identify which children will still benefit from one to one work. As a direct result of the work done with the children during these groups it is not always necessary for them to be seen on a one to one basis as they have already begun the process of recovery. We have to continually fundraise for these smaller projects and therefore they run once a year, but can be run up to three times each year, depending on funding and client need. The most recent drama group finished in May 2003 and the children and young people that attended were confident enough to perform their play on bullying at NAADV’s AGM. The play was a resounding success, and brought tears to the eyes of the audience.







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