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Adult Services: Caseworker

NAADV caseworkers provide confidential help to anyone wishing to talk about or leave an abusive relationship. If you recognise any of the above categories in your relationship, then we can provide counselling or practical support to help you. Men and Women can contact NAADV by telephone or visit our offices during office hours which are between 10.00am – 5.00pm. If you are ill or disabled, a caseworker can visit your home.

Caseworkers will help you to:

  • find alternative accommodation
  • remove a violent partner from the home
  • access welfare benefits advice, information, and support
  • obtain legal representation regarding family and child contact issues, and asylum and immigration support
  • attend court
  • access training and find employment
  • join a support group

Adult Services provides mutl-ethnic support, with Caseworkers representing the diverse population of the local community. We have a non-judgemental approach and understand that you are not to blame!









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