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Adult Services Case Study

Client’s needs: Client A is black, English-born, female aged 26 with four children aged, 2, 3, 7, 10. A’s referral reached Newham Action Against Domestic Violence from the Education Welfare Officer (E.W.O) working in the primary school that her children attend.

At the point of referral, the E.W.O informed NAADV that Client A and her children had been victims of domestic violence at the hands of Client A’s partner (the perpetrator). An incident of physical violence had occurred the night before: the incident was so severe, that both the client and her children spent that night in her car to escape the perpetrator. However, upon return to the family home the next morning, Client A was again assaulted. She informed the E.W.O who then made the referral to us. The client thus wanted to move out of the family home to a place of safety with her children where the perpetrator would not be able to find her.

Immediate Action:

As the referral came through to NAADV at 5pm, the NAADV duty officer for that day made arrangements for the Client and her children to be accommodated in emergency accommodation for that night. The Community Safety Unit (C.S.U) took on this responsibility and arranged the transport. A referral was also made to the Newham Children’s Assessment and Investigation Team (C.A.I.T) via the school to help safeguard and protect the children from future risk (i.e., S.47, Children Act 1989).

The Options:
The following day, options were discussed with the Client: i.e. firstly, to seek emergency accommodation through the Homeless Person’s Unit (H.P.U) as a family in ‘priority need’ (as defined by S.189 of The Housing Act, 1996); or secondly, for NAADV to assist her in a refuge search via Womens Aid. Client A chose the latter option.

With the assistance of NAADV caseworkers, Client A and her family were housed in a refuge away from her danger zone (i.e. where she would have been likely to have come across the perpetrator). She receives daily support there from her Key Worker at the refuge who is assisting her with issues such as benefits, housing and her childrens’ educational needs. NAADV has kept contact with Client A to ensure that she is settled in the refuge. Client A is aware that she is able to call her caseworker here at NAADV should she require any further support from the organisation.



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