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Child Support: Art and Drama

The experience that the children gained from attending the drama group has meant that 65% of the children have not needed further NAADV support services and have moved on with their lives.

Children's drama group

The Children’s and Young Peoples Drama Group, performing at the NAADV’s Annual General Meeting, May 2003

The Art group finished on Halloween evening, part of the evaluation completed by the parents asked them to comment on their child’s behaviour since attending the art group, and on the service itself.:-
“He has calmed down in school, on his chart last week he got 35 smiley faces”.
“He enjoyed playing with the other children, without getting angry!
“She is more confident and happy”
“They used to fight and argue, now they talk if they have a problem” and comments on the service included:-
“Keep up the good work, because I think you put so much time in with the children and it really helps them”
“I would recommend the service to anybody that needs this help”
“Well run by excellent staff, thanks for being patient and helpful”





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