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The Volunteer Project

The work that our volunteers do, is much an integral part of the working of the organisation, and without them NAADV could not continue to offer such a wide range of services to those in need. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds:-

  • Community
  • Social work students
  • College
  • Counselling students
  • Schools
  • Training networks

Much of the crisis intervention work that is achieved through adult services could not be maintained at the same level without the social work students and the counselling service for women would not exist without our volunteers as there is no funding to provide this service.
Art and Drama groups are primarily staffed by volunteers, and our admin department receives regular support from schools, colleges and community volunteers.

Many of the volunteers come to NAADV to achieve a specific goal i.e. to gain a qualification, and end up staying for many years, progression through NAADV is part of its ethos and long may it continue, a number of our current staff started as volunteers.

The volunteer project is in the process of accrediting its training programme to ensure that all volunteers are able to work towards a qualification whilst they are volunteering, this will be available by Autumn 2004.

If you would like to become a NAADV volunteer, you can telephone or email initially for a chat, or you can download our application form.


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