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Welcome to NAADV

Newham Action Against Domestic Violence (NAADV) is a registered charity registration number 1045056, that has been providing services, primarily to residents in the London Borough of Newham for over 13 years. Our over arching aim is ‘To combat the affects of domestic violence on adults and children’. The outcome we strive to achieve is to make women and children safe from abusers, and the range of services that we provide means that the chances of us achieving this outcome are extremely high. Our offices are based in Beckton, in the south of the borough, which the report also showed to be a hot spot area for reports of domestic violence.

NAADV caters for a non-ethnic specific group, and provides services to all sections of the community, our current client group is representative of the borough as a whole and therefore 57% of our clients are from the black and ethnic minority population.

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Our Mission Statement

Domestic violence is a crime that affects people regardless of their class, race, religion, age or ethnicity.

NAADV believes that domestic violence is a complex social and criminal issue and that it is the responsibility of individuals and society as a whole to change it and to begin prevention

NAADV believes that all people have the right to live free from violence, threats, intimidation and harassment of any kind and should be able to participate freely in society

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NAADV’s Aim is to combat the effects of domestic violence on adults and children, to prevent further poverty and disadvantage and raise awareness of the issue both locally and nationally.

Our vision is one of a society free from all forms of domestic violence and abuse. Where abuse within the home or wider relationships is not accepted, tolerated or excused, but is condemned for the damaging effect that it inflicts on lives.

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